Business Cash Management Services

You run a great business. You have a business checking account, keep a line of credit, and have a real estate loan with Dedham Savings. It might be time to think about some of the other bank services that will help you run your business more efficiently.

That’s why Dedham Savings offers cash management services:

  • Manage your cash flow
  • Keep your costs down, and
  • Grow your bottomline.

What cash management services are offered at Dedham Savings?

  • Remote Deposit Capture - easily make deposits from your office 24/7
  • Business Debit MasterCard™ - have the convenience of a credit card to make purchases, use ATMs, and conduct business by phone, mail or internet.
  • Deposit Escrow with Sub Accounting - for ease in managing your business if you are an attorney, landlord, real estate agent, or other business that keeps client deposits in safekeeping
  • Online banking - access your business account information, transfer funds, pay bills, and view your statements and check images anytime
  • ACH initiate payments and collections through the Automated Clearing House network
  • Wire Transfers easily initiate a wire transfer without leaving your office
  • Business VISA® card -  for those times when cash is not readily available

To learn more about our business banking services, please contact Charlie Toczylowski, our Business Banking Specialist at (781) 708-6443 or visit any of our branch locations.