Pretext Fraud Calling

The thief calls saying he is from your bank and needs your account number to verify information. With the stolen information, the thief can attempt to gain access to your account, open accounts at other institutions, and move funds out of your account.

Protect Yourself

The first rule is to NEVER give out any personal or financial information to anyone over the telephone.

Even if Dedham Savings someday had a need to contact you regarding your account, our bank representative would already have anything they would need to know about your account and would therefore never ask you to provide any type of account information over the phone.

Secondly, you should monitor your regular credit card and bank statements to be sure they arrive safely. Always check your statements carefully and promptly to be sure that no errors or unauthorized transactions have been made.

As long as you notify the bank promptly, it is unlikely that you will ever lose money from fraudulent activity on your account.