Dedham Savings
More than 180 years of looking
forward to every single day.

For all that we╩╝ve helped customers achieve, nothing excites us more
than the opportunity to support you all over again tomorrow.

A Welcome Message from Peter Brown, President, Dedham Savings

We built our new website to deliver, as much as possible, the kind of experience you get when you walk into one of our branches.  While there’s no way to replicate the feeling you get when one of our professionals recognizes you and welcomes you by name, we’ve done our best to make the site as useful, informative and community-spirited as possible. 

Team Optimism

Our collective mission is to believe in every single customer and their goals. That’s what gives our work meaning and purpose over and above just delivering services.

  • "How the bank supports volunteerism is amazing. There is an innate spirit in all of our employees to want to help those in need. "

    Pamela Millard

    Executive Vice President/ Chief Risk Officer

  • "The average number of years employees have worked here is very high. It tells you something about their loyalty to the bank and each other. "

    Douglas Shaw

    Executive Vice President/ Senior Lending Officer
    (781) 320-1473
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  • "Across the spectrum you can tell that the people who work at Dedham Savings truly love working here. "

    William M. Mullin

    Executive Vice President, NMLS #14101
    (781) 355-7388
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  • "I believe there is something special going on here. And I believe it’s due to the amazing people we work with every day. "

    Jean Tennihan

    Senior Vice President, Human Resources Officer
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  • "At the heart of the bank is a culture built on respect, community and optimism. "

    Victoria Graves

    Senior Vice President/Chief Information Officer

2016 Annual Report

From financial growth to an employee's 50th anniversary celebration to a new branch in South Boston, 2016 was a great year.

Financial Literacy

From kids to seniors and everyone in between, understanding how to best manage your money can really pay off. We're here to help. 

Responsible Banking

We're committed to being green. From reducing paper waste to involvement in the green initiatves of our neighbors, we believe it's important to do our part.

Being part of the community
is part of who we are.

Here at Dedham Savings, we take pride in the many events and programs we run throughout the year. Up next: the Holiday Program! This is our 34th year of spreading holiday cheer throughout our branches! What is it like scheduling a week full of musical acts to perform at our Main Office? Stressful! But so is everything else that makes the holidays tons of fun and memorable! Check out our Events page to learn more and see what else we have going on in the community!