TEXT ALERT: Area residents have received texts that appear to be from Dedham Savings. The texter states they are verifying potential fraud on the user’s account. If you receive a text from Dedham Savings, please call the Bank directly at (781) 329-6700. Remember, Dedham Savings will never text/call you and request your Debit Card Number or PIN, Online Banking credentials, or other personal info. Don’t give out your banking credentials to anyone! Contact Us if you think you’ve been targeted by this scam.

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Pay your Dedham Savings Mortgage or Loan bill with our Loan Easy Pay option!

No more writing checks and sending payments in the mail. You can make payments online at any time, from anywhere. Pay from any checking account at any financial institution to fund your loan payment.

Make a one-time payment

Use the Loan Easy Pay One-Time Payment option when you want to make a single online payment.  Each time you choose this option, you’ll be asked to enter the payment details, such as loan account number, payment amount and funding account information. The information will not be saved.

Make ongoing payments

Use the Loan Easy Pay Enrolled User option to set up recurring payments.  At sign up, you’ll be asked to enter the payment details, such as loan account number, payment amount and funding account.  The information is safely stored, eliminating the need to enter this information when making future payments. 

In addition to Loan Easy Pay, you can pay your Dedham Savings loan bills with these options:

Bill Pay

You can pay bills anytime with Online or Mobile Banking. View our easy How to Sheet or How to Video.

In Person

Visit a location near you to make payments and receive same-day processing during business hours.


Send payments to Dedham Savings, PO Box 51370 GMF, Boston, MA 02205-1370; be sure to allow 4 to 7 days for delivery and processing.

Auto Pay, Wire Payments

Contact us for assistance

Still need help? Contact us for assistance:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 781.329.6700 Extension 7391
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