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$150,000 Grant to Dedham Town Green Project

The Dedham Savings Community Foundation has made a $150,000 grant to the new Dedham Town Green project. This grant is the largest gift to the project to date, and pushed the fundraising committee close to its $500,000 goal.

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The Guide to Financial Documents

If you’re like most people, the amount of financial documents piling up in your home is nothing short of Mt. Everest. Don’t freak out. While you do need to keep some of these documents, you probably don’t need all of them.

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Should I Set Up a Will?

If you are of age and don’t already have a will, you owe it to yourself to create one. Use the online resources mentioned in this article to create a free or low-cost will this week.

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Steps to Protect Your Identity

Unfortunately, there’s never an off-season from the threat of scammers. Often, they try to steal your identity so they can tap into your financial accounts or open new ones and ruin your credit.

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Helping Young Adults Become More Financially Literate

As a nation, we have work to do when it comes to teaching the next generation the ins and outs of personal finance.

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