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Security Starts Here

Our parents were right: Safety first. Especially when it comes to financial information. Fortunately we’ve got all the measures in place to keep your funds safe and secure, and plenty of helpful tips to share.

Here’s how you can protect yourself from financial and identity theft.

Current Alerts

Mailbox Fraud Alert

Mail fraud occurs when a scammer uses the postal system to steal money, valuables, or personally identifying information from their victims. Understanding how to recognize the different types of mail fraud and warning signs will help you protect against it.

  • DEPOSIT MAIL CLOSE TO PICK UP TIMES. Deposit mail in USPS Blue Collection boxes before the last pick-up time. Be sure to check pick up time posted on each mailbox!
  • Check your mail daily; don’t leave your mail or packages unattended for days at a time. Instead of leaving checks in your mailbox for pick-up, utilize Dedham Savings Online Bill Pay.
  • Monitor your financial accounts for unusual activity and unauthorized charges.
  • Check your credit report annually for signs of identity theft.
  • Shred confidential mail and old checks
  • When going out of town, place a hold on your mail at the post office until you return.
  • Before using a public mailbox, check for signs of tampering. If you see any suspiciousactivity near a mailbox, report it to authorities.

Helpful Information

Fraud Prevention & Safety

We want to help keep your money safe. From identity theft education to internet security, we’re putting resources right in your hands.

Security Tips and Alerts

Need more information on a specific topic? Visit our Security Tips and Alerts section for help.

Fraud & Security Infographics

Check out these handy infographics to learn how to protect yourself from the most common fraud scams.