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Security Starts Here

Our parents were right: Safety first. Especially when it comes to financial information. Fortunately we’ve got all the measures in place to keep your funds safe and secure, and plenty of helpful tips to share.

Here’s how you can protect yourself from financial and identity theft.

Current Alerts

Caller ID Spoofing

Dedham Savings has received reports of area residents receiving suspicious phone calls which appear to originate from Dedham Savings. Caller ID information can be faked to make it look like these calls are coming from a trusted entity. Dedham Savings typically will not call you asking for personal information. If such a call occurs, please hang up and call the Bank’s direct line, 781-329-6700, to talk to a representative to determine if the call is legitimate. If it was a legitimate call from us, we would never take issue with you requesting to call us back.

For more information on caller ID spoofing, please visit the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) web site.

Helpful Information

Fraud Prevention & Safety

We want to help keep your money safe. From identity theft education to internet security, we’re putting resources right in your hands.

Security Tips and Alerts

Need more information on a specific topic? Visit our Security Tips and Alerts section for help.

Fraud & Security Infographics

Check out these handy infographics to learn how to protect yourself from the most common fraud scams.