Accessibility at Dedham Savings

Dedham Savings is committed to providing ready access to our products and services so all our customers, including people with disabilities, can manage their finances as easily as possible.

Accessibility at Dedham Savings Means:

  • Barrier-free facilities
  • A strong commitment to providing a welcoming environment
  • Assistance for individuals with hearing or speech impairments
  • Audio-assisted ATMs in convenient, accessible locations
  • A commitment to making online and mobile banking easy for all our customers to use

Barrier-Free Facilities

We work to keep our offices compliant with the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). We regurlarly review our facilities for:

  • Accessible parking spaces walkways, entrances, and lobby areas
  • Accessible teller counters, safe deposit vaults, and other amenities

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A Friendly, Accomodating Environment

Our goal is to provide a welcoming environment where customers with disabilities can conduct their routine financial business without undue burden. Service animals are welcome. Our associates are happy to communicate by exchanging notes. We can also assist in reading financial documents and filling out forms.

Talking ATMs in Accessible Locations

Dedham Savings maintains a network of audio-assisted ATMs that have speech output capabilities for people who are blind or visually impaired. These ATMs also meet the height and reach requirements of the ADA.

Online and Mobile Banking Accessibility

Dedham Savings has an ongoing commitment to assure that online and mobile banking are easy for all our customers to use, including people with disabilities.

Contact Us with Accessibility Questions

If you have a concern about or experience difficulty with accessing any of our facilities, have a request to improve our facilities, or have questions about Accessibility at Dedham Savings, please Contact Us:

  • Phone     781.329.6700
  • Email
  • Mail        Dedham Savings Accessibility Programs
                     55 Elm Street
                     Dedham, MA 02026