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We’re proud to support your organization with its fundraising efforts, and we appreciate the work you do to make our communities so special. As you work on publicity, you may need Dedham Savings information. Please use the files and information on this page as needed.

Our Name:

Correct:               Dedham Savings
Incorrect:            Dedham Savings Bank | Dedham Bank
Incorrect:            Dedham Institution for Savings | Dedham Institute | Dedham Institution

Our Logo:

Depending on your needs, we’ve provided multiple logo file types and colors. Please choose the option that works best for your needs and follow these guidelines when working with the logo:

Here are examples of what our logo looks like in different formats.
Please scroll further down to find the actual logo files you can save to your computer to use as needed.

As an example, our horizontal logo looks like this:

As an example, our vertical logo looks like this:

Logos For Your Use

To save a copy of our logo, click on the version shown below that you plan to use, right click and save it to your computer. Need something that isn’t shown here, like a white logo or different file type? Contact us at [email protected].

JPG Logos – work best for flyers and web pages with white backgrounds

PNG Logos – work best for flyers and web pages that DON’T have white backgrounds

Terms of Use

By accessing these logos, you, and your organization are agreeing to our Terms of Use:

You are welcome to use the Dedham Savings logo in its original format for mutually agreed upon business purposes. Other than making the logo larger or smaller while retaining its proportions, the logo may not be altered in any way. Maintain our logo’s integrity by using the artwork as provided. Logo use is limited to the specific intended purpose of creating advertising support material as part of a sponsorship or grant to recognize or promote Dedham Savings.  

Need help? Email [email protected]