Meet the team

  • "The average number of years employees have worked here is very high. It tells you something about their loyalty to the bank and each other. "

    Douglas Shaw

    Executive Vice President | Senior Lending Officer
    (781) 320-1473
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  • "As an officer at the Bank, you use everything at your disposal to make the customer's life easier. From my experience it's been a pretty effective business model. "

    Rob Leary

    SVP, Commercial Lending | Team Leader
    (781) 320-1168
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  • "I work to partner with my clients to help them achieve their goals. "

    James Horrigan

    SVP, Commercial Lending
    (781) 320-1143
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  • "I've been lucky to see businesses that I have partnered with grow from small start-ups to large companies.  It's been very rewarding and I've learned a lot. "

    Alex Cavallini

    VP, Commercial Lending
    (781) 320-4832
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  • "My favorite thing about this job is the special relationships I get to build with my customers. "

    Anthony Brown

    Loan Officer, Commercial Lending
    (781) 320-1190
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  • "We strive to provide our customers the best experience possible every day. "

    Jose Camacho

    Commercial Lending Portfolio Manager
    (781) 320-4885
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