Business Cash Management Services

More efficiency. Way less work.

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Our experienced professionals will help you choose the best cash management solutions so you can expedite collections, maximize your funds, and make critical business decisions faster. Choose the services that work for you, and we’ll go with the flow. The cash flow, that is.

Access Accounts Your Way

Online Banking

View balances and activity, transfer funds, and more with real-time, secure access to your accounts online. You can even set up additional users with access to specific accounts and transactions.

Mobile Banking

When you’re on the go, so are we. Use your smartphone to take care of business banking while you’re taking care of business.

Credit & Debit Cards

Get multiple debit cards for your business accounts, so you and your employees can make business purchases whenever, wherever you need. Add your card to mobile wallet and keep tabs on it with card controls.

Collect Funds Your Way

ACH Debit

(Automated Clearing House)
Originate transactions electronically, whether you’re collecting funds from individuals or companies.


Customer payments are directed to a special post office box where we retrieve, process, and deposit funds right into your bank account.

Remote Deposits

Working around the clock? Deposit checks right from your office computer, 24/7. Capture checks with your desktop scanner, then securely transmit them over to us.

Mobile Deposits

If you don’t get many checks, just use our mobile banking app to deposit any customer checks on the go.

Merchant Services

Say “yes” to any form of payment. Customers can pay via credit card, online payment, or smartphone.

ZDeposit & ZRent for Landlords

Simplifies the collection of security deposits, rent payments, and condo fees.

And Disburse Funds Your Way Too

ACH Credit

(Automated Clearing House)
Generate electronic payments, such as payroll direct deposit, with the ability to set up handy templates.

Wire Transfers

Securely transfer funds anywhere, and — depending on when you make the transfer — access those funds the very same day.

Positive Pay & ACH Positive Pay

Detect fraud by matching the account number, check number, and dollar amount of each check you receive against a list of checks you previously authorized and issued. Manage ACH debits and credits posting to your account via online filters and blocks.

Earn great interest to top it off

Sweep Accounts

Put your money to work, even after you’re done for the day. Automatically transfer funds above a target balance from your business checking account at the end of the business day and earn a high interest rate. Excess balances automatically transfer into an FDIC-insured overnight investment account.

Money Market Accounts

Money Market accounts give you easy access to your funds, while still earning you a top market rate. They’re a great way to build a buffer for unplanned expenses or save for an upcoming purchase.


To learn more about our maaaany Cash Management services, contact our Business Experts.