TEXT ALERT: Area residents have received texts that appear to be from Dedham Savings. The texter states they are verifying potential fraud on the user’s account. If you receive a text from Dedham Savings, please call the Bank directly at (781) 329-6700. Remember, Dedham Savings will never text/call you and request your Debit Card Number or PIN, Online Banking credentials, or other personal info. Don’t give out your banking credentials to anyone! Contact Us if you think you’ve been targeted by this scam.

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We’re Here for the Journey

And that means we’re here for you.

Since 1831, we’ve taken pride in serving our communities with the utmost respect, care, attention, and support. We don’t just hold your money. We hold your futures, dreams, and everything in between. Because this is where we’re from, and to do things any different just wouldn’t be us. Ready to start your banking journey?

Life’s a Journey
And it’s who’s by your side along the way that can make all the difference.

Someone there to point you in the right direction. Turn the shaky steps into fearless leaps. And provide support when you need it most. A true partner is someone who’s in it for the long haul, no matter where the journey takes you.

$250 Switch

When you open a Free & Easy Checking Account, you’ll get much more than free checking. You’ll get friendly service, great perks, and even $250 to sweeten the deal.

Start Up Savings

At 5.00% APY, this account is designed to help you take that next step. Or leap. You’ll be saving without even thinking about it.

Mortgages & Loans

There’s no place like home. With a variety of mortgage and loan options, we’ll help you feel right at home until you find your own.

Ready to make the switch?

Opening an account with us is so simple, you can do it in just four steps — and we’ll help every step of the way. Get free checking, friendly guidance, and a $250 signing bonus to make the switch even sweeter.

We make it our business to understand yours.

Our business customers count on us for everything from cash management to on-the-go banking. Hear from Gus and James at Stergis Windows and Doors, who treat their customers the same way we treat ours.