Control Your Debit Card

With Card Controls, you control when, where, and how your Debit Card can be used. Keep your Debit Card secure through our mobile app. It’s easy – one switch in the app unlocks multiple options for controlling your card.

Learn more about Card Controls with our easy How to Sheet or How to Video.

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Turn Your Card Off for Security

You can turn your card off or on any time with the touch of a button. For the sake of security, you may choose to leave your card turned off until you’re ready to use it. Then, just log in to the App, turn the card on, and make your purchase or get cash. Note that if you turn your card off, any recurring transactions that you’ve previously scheduled with your card will still take place.

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Set Spending Limits

Determine how much can be spent on your card at any given time. You can quickly and easily set a maximum dollar amount for all Debit transactions, and you can change this limit any time.

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Control the Types of Transactions Allowed

You decide which types of transactions are allowed with your card, including in-store, eCommerce, mail/phone order, auto pay, or ATM.

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Select the Region Where Your Card Can Be Used

This feature allows you to define up to 3 geographical areas in which your card may be used for transactions.

Traveling? Be sure to notify us in advance!