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Financial Wellness

Tips to Create a Wise Spending Plan

Prior planning pays! It's never too early or too late to create a budget or a spending plan for using your money wisely.  To start, it can be helpful to set short and long-term financial goals and manage your money to meet them. 

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Common Budgeting Mistakes

Don't fall into these traps when creating a roadmap for spending.

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Simple Savings

Everywhere you look, it seems like prices are higher than ever. Gas? Outrageous. Groceries? Sky high. When everything is so expensive, it’s time to tap into your savings skills. Here are some simple shopping tips to help you stay within your monthly budget.

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Back to School Spending

With inflation at levels not seen in decades, parents are already anticipating that shopping for back-to-school supplies will cost more in 2022 than in previous years.

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