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Special Mortgages for Medical and Dental Professionals

November 13, 2020 - As a medical professional, you’re out there every day providing essential healthcare services to families in our communities. We understand that you have unique financial needs and time constraints due to your profession, and we recognize that many local doctors, dentists, and pharmacists may have student loans that make their Debt-to-Income (DTI) ratio look less than ideal.

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Send Money with Zelle®

November 6, 2020 - Zelle is a fast way to send money right from the Dedham Savings Mobile Banking app.

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Protect Yourself from Phishing Scams

October 30, 2020 - Have you ever received an email from a person or company that you knew, but something just didn’t feel right? Maybe the tone was off or a link looked strange and it stopped you in your tracks. If you have, then it’s likely that you have been the target of a phishing attempt.

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This Year’s President’s Award Winner

October 23, 2020 - Since 1831, when Dedham Savings was formed as a mutual savings bank, its mission has been to serve the needs of the community. As the Bank has grown, that focus has remained in the forefront of our business strategy. Over the years, we have donated our money and time to various non-profits and community groups, but one of the ways that this community-minded focus shows itself most clearly is in the quality of our employees.

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