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You can obtain your balance over the phone by calling our Bankline service at 1-888-252-0760. You can also receive account balance and other account information by signing up for Online Banking.  

In order to create a transfer relationship, we require a signed application.  You may come into one of our branches or you may print an application right from our website. The application must be signed.  Forward the completed application to the address provided on the form or you may drop it off at one of our branches.

You may transfer funds using:

24 Hour Bankline 


Online Banking



Your funds are available immediately for transfers made by 10 PM EST. For transfers made after 10 PM EST, the funds will be available the next business day.

Your monthly billing statement will be mailed to you approximately 10 to 12 days before the payment due date. 

You may also enroll in our electronic monthly billing statement by enrolling in Online Banking.

Yes, provided the account titles match and a (two – way) Transfer authorization form has been completed/approved through on-line banking.  

Contact the Loan Servicing Department at 781-329-6700 ext. 7391 or our toll free number 800-462-1190 ext.301 to request additional checks or submit your request in writing to

Dedham Savings
Attn: Loan Servicing Department
55 Elm St.
Dedham, MA 02026

Contact the Loan Servicing Department at 781-329-6700 ext. 7391 or our toll free number 800-462-1190 ext. 7391 to initiate the stop payment.   Additional documentation may be required and fees may apply.

As a member of the NYCE and Cirrus networks, our ATM system is well connected. Perhaps even more important to you is our membership in the SUM ATM alliance. In a market where many of the big banks are imposing surcharges, customers of a SUM bank can use any of the more than 2500 SUM ATMs across the state without additional surcharges. Dedham Savings has also joined the AllPoint Network, which means Dedham Savings’ customers now have access to America’s largest surcharge-free retail ATM network, with over 55,000 surcharge-free retail ATMs worldwide. Check out our Branch and ATM Locator to find the locations closest to you!

Data compromise, also known as hacking, occurs when an individual or a group of individuals gain unauthorized access to a computer system for the purpose of corrupting or stealing data. When you use your card at a merchant such as a store, gas station, over the internet or on the phone, your debit card information such as card numbers, expiration dates, and names is recorded into a database that is retained by the merchant for a period of time. The unauthorized individuals may gain access to this information that is stored and may use it to perform fraudulent activity on your debit card.

The only information that is encoded on your debit card is your name, debit card number (which is not your Dedham Savings checking or savings account number) and the expiration date. Any accounts linked to your debit card are not revealed to a merchant when you make purchases, ATM withdrawals or point of sale transactions.

The bank has no control over where you use your card and how the merchants store your information. Each merchant must attempt to protect customer information by ensuring that your information is secure. The bank does protect our customers by reissuing new cards immediately when we are notified by MasterCard to reduce the chance of any fraudulent activity occurring on your account

The undisclosed merchant works with MasterCard in identifying customers that may have been compromised. We receive the list from MasterCard that identifies which card numbers were affected.

As a precaution, the bank wants to protect the customer information and at the same time limit the bank's liability in case of fraudulent activity. We lower the cash limits for cash advances and we reduce the MasterCard purchase limits. We do this so that the customer will be able to make purchases for small amounts until they get their new card in the mail. We may allow the customer full access to make ATM withdrawals and Point of Sale purchases (Pin required) depending upon the type of compromised list that we receive. We send out letters to customers as quickly as possible to notify them of our action.

There are many cardholders affected that it would be difficult to reach every Dedham Savings customer. Instead we focus our efforts on reissuing new cards and reducing existing purchase card limits.

We can make exceptions to raise limits temporarily on a case-by-case basis. Contact Your Bank Center at 781-329-6700 ext. 7390 for assistance.

It usually takes 7-10 business days to receive a new card. You will receive a pin reminder first in the mail and shortly thereafter; you should receive the new card. The pin reminder will reveal your new pin number on it. If you would like to change your four digit PIN number, you may visit one of our branches to change your PIN. If you know your existing PIN, you may change it by visiting one of the Dedham Savings ATM’s or by calling the 24-hour Bankline Service at 1-888-252-0760.

You should use your current card until you receive the new one. You may also obtain an Instant Debit MasterCard by visiting any branch location.

Once the new card arrives, you should destroy the old compromised card. The bank will place a restriction on the card once we know our customers have received their new cards.

We never receive the names of the merchants involved. We receive a list indicating that an undisclosed merchant’s database was compromised. The merchant is protected because law enforcement ultimately investigates the case. Once the case is closed, the merchant may be revealed at a later date.

No. Effective Jan 1, 2012, all U.S. Savings bonds must be purchased through Treasury Direct.

Our rates are posted weekly here.

Online banking is a 24/7 internet-based service that provides you with a secure and convenient way to bank. Use Online Banking:

Check the balance for your personal Dedham Savings accounts

See real-time account activity for all of your accounts

View check images online

Transfer funds between accounts

Pay bills quickly and conveniently

Download account history to personal financial management software, such as Microsoft Money, Quicken or

Reorder checks

Request stop payments

To enroll for this service, click here.

Yes. Scheduled maintenance may occur on Sundays from approximately 3:00 AM until 7:00 AM EST.



Money Market


Certificate of Deposit

Individual Retirement Account

Select the account from the Accounts Overview Page to view the activity. Click on the camera icon displayed next to the check number. A separate browser window (pop-up) appears displaying the image.

Yes. To do this:

Click the Customer Service tab

Click Order Checks under the Account Services heading

This will direct you to the check order website

Yes. To request a stop payment on a single “physical check” or a range of “physical” checks:

Click the Customer Service Tab

Click Stop a Check under the Account Services heading

Payments made using the Your Link Bill Payment feature cannot be stopped using this feature. If the bill payment has been processed and is a paper check that has not cleared, you may contact our 24-Hour Support Center at 1-888-289-0342 and they can place a stop payment on it for you.

Yes, you can set up a variety of alerts to notify you of important account activity. These alerts are sent via an email. To set up these alerts:

Click the Customer Service tab

Select Add an Alert under the Contact Options heading

From the Add Alerts Screen, make your selection and click Submit

Click the Customer Service Tab

Select Change Password or Change User ID

Change Password or Change User ID and Click Submit

Passwords can be changed, but only once per day. Once you are signed on, go to the Customer Service tab to make the change. Following your initial enrollment into Online Banking, you will be permitted to change your user ID only once. While we do recommend that you change your password as often as needed to prevent it from being compromised, it is not wise to change the user ID, which uniquely identifies you as a user of the Your Link service.

During regular business hours, you may contact Your Bank Center at (781) 329-6700. After business hours, you may call our 24-Hour Support Center at 1-888-289-0342.

If you need help  with Online Banking or Bill Payment, there are many resources available to help you.

  • Within Online Banking, there are helpful links at the bottom of each page called “How Do I” and “FAQs.” 
  • Email general inquiries to . Please do not include your account information in the email.
  • To protect your privacy, please send any account or transaction related questions using the secure mail feature available through Online Banking. In Online Banking, click on the Customer Service tab, select Contact Us, complete the required fields, and submit your message.
  • During regular business hours, contact Your Bank Center at (781) 329-6700 ext. 7390 or (800) 318-9613. After hours, call our 24-Hour Support Center at 1-888-289-0342.
  • Visit any Dedham Savings location and a representative will assist you.
  •  Contact us via Live Chat.

Bill Payment is the secure and convenient way to pay bills online and send funds to businesses and individuals. You can use bill payment to:

Make one-time payments

Schedule recurring payments

Track payments

Update or cancel payments

Create reports of your payment history

You can activate bill payment when you sign up for Your Link with Bill Payment or you can choose to activate any time by following these steps:

Visit and in the Online Banking section, enter your User ID

Verify your Secure Sign on and enter your Password

Click the Make Payments tab

Read the on-screen instructions and click Continue

Select a checking account to use to pay bills (you can add more accounts later)

You will receive an email within 2 business days confirming your Bill Payment account is ready for use.

Once you receive your funding account confirmation, you may begin to pay bills online.

Click the Make Payments tab.

Select Add a Payee located on the navigational panel.

Complete the information on the Add a Payee screen.

Have copies of your bills to assist you with setting up new payees.

Once the information is completed, click on the Add Payee icon.

Once you’ve added a payee, click on Make Payments which will display the payee you just set up

If the payee accepts electronic payments, it can take up to three business days. If the payee only accepts paper-based payments, it can take up to five business days. When you select a "send on" date, the "deliver by" date will also appear.

For those customers who have Online Banking with Bill Payment, the history retention is thirteen months. For those customers who have the Online Banking Basic, they will only be able to view the last 62 days.

We are always working with payees to ensure that your payments are made as quickly and efficiently as possible. In some instances, a payee will specify that payments should be sent to a specific address that is different than the one on your bill. These updates occur automatically and do not allow you to change the address. Please be assured that the payments are still sent on the date, in the amount and to the payee you have specified.

Yes, you can set up recurring payments for payees you send the same amount to each month such as your insurance, phone or cable company. To set up recurring payments:

Click the Make Payments tab

Select My Payees from the navigational panel

From the My Payees screen, click on Set Up Recurring for any payee and follow the onscreen instructions

Yes, when you set up a new payee, you will automatically receive an alert when you send a payment to that payee. This alert is sent via email. If you have turned off this alert, you can turn it back on by:

Clicking the Make Payment tab and select My Payees.

From the My Payees screen, click Change under the email Notifications column for any payee and follow the onscreen instructions.

Login to Online Banking on your computer and choose the Manage mobile banking settings quick link. Enroll your mobile device and follow the instructions. If you use challenge questions for Your Link online banking, you can enroll for Mobile Banking directly from your mobile device by entering the mobile web URL

An activation code is not needed for Mobile Web. The security verification will be your user log in information (User ID and password) on Online Banking.

You may view any scheduled payments or recent payments, along with the ability to schedule bill payments to any payees that have previously been set up on online banking. If you would like to add any payees or edit payee information you may do so via online banking on your computer.

Mobile Banking is a more convenient version of our online banking product, which allows you to perform banking activity on your mobile device via three different mobile modes:

Text Banking – ability to view banking activity through text messaging on your mobile device.

Mobile Web Banking – ability to login to Your Link Mobile Banking through the web browser on your mobile device.

Mobile App Banking – ability to download the Your Link Mobile Banking application to your mobile device or tablet using apps available through the Apple App Store and the Android Google Play Store.

It’s easy!

You can download the Dedham Savings Mobile Banking App on to your mobile device by visiting the Android Google Play Store or Apple App store.

Use your Online Banking credential to log in to Mobile Banking.

Mobile Banking is FREE of charge. Keep in mind however, there may be charges associated with text messaging, data usage and web access on your mobile device. Please check with your wireless carrier for more information.

We support all the major US wireless carriers, including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. If your carrier is not listed when you enroll, select 'Other' and try the Mobile Web option or check back later, as new carriers will be added over time.

We recommend that you have one of these plans because data usage can become expensive without one. Please check with your wireless carrier for more information.

Yes it is. You can rest easy for the following reasons: 

The mobile website is accessed only through secure encryption (https) and the application will time-out when your mobile device is not in use.

Only mobile devices that you enroll in the service can access your accounts.

Account data is never stored on your mobile device.

In the event that your mobile device is lost or stolen, the service can be immediately disabled by logging into Your Link and deactivating the device through Manage mobile banking settings.

If you are enrolled in Text Banking, you can:

  • View account balances
  • View up to 90 days of account activity 

If you are enrolled in Mobile Web Banking or Mobile App Banking, in addition to the activities listed above you can:

  • Transfer money between internal accounts at Dedham Savings
  • View transaction details
  • Pay bills
  • View scheduled payments (up to one year in the future)
  • View recent payments (past 30 days)
  • Search for nearby Dedham Savings branches or ATMs
  • Make deposits (through Mobile App Banking only)

If you get a new mobile device or change phone numbers, simply update your mobile device profile. Sign on to Your Link from your home computer and click on Manage mobile banking settings to make the changes. Please note, we recommend removing your old mobile device and re-enrolling your new mobile device.

Activation is a one-time process that helps ensure your security. An activation code is issued upon successful enrollment in Mobile Banking through Your Link. You will need to enter this code on your mobile device to begin Text Banking. We recommend you print your activation code and installation instructions for easy reference during enrollment.

If you are concerned about misuse of your mobile device, contact your mobile service provider immediately to stop all wireless service. Additionally, sign on to online banking and disable or remove your mobile device.

Contact Your Bank Center at 781-329-6700 ext. 7390 or 1-800-462-1190 Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 7 PM and Saturday 8:30 AM to 1 PM.

How do I install the downloadable application on my Smartphone or tablet?

You may download the App by visiting the Android Google Play Store or Apple App store.

Or simply follow the steps below:

Your phone will receive a text message from short code 79680 once you have registered your phone for Text Banking in the Mobile Banking Center. Select to view (or open) the message (you can also view it later by going to your phone's text message inbox).

Select the URL link -- -- in the text message. This is typically done by selecting a command on your phone's menu, such as "Connect" or "Go To."

You will then be brought to a page with a Download link (If your device supports this option). Click this link to download the application.

When finished, you will be notified that the download is complete.

After launching the App for the first time, you may be asked to give permission to access the data network. You will need to grant permission in order to proceed.

After downloading the Mobile Banking App, an app icon appears on your mobile device. Upon accessing the Mobile Banking App customers are asked to login using their Your Link User ID and password.

Note: You may also download the Application by visiting the Android Marketplace or Apple App store.


Android Marketplace or Apple App store.  Please note that we have a different App for tablets and Smartphones.

Mobile Deposit allows you to deposit a check into an eligible Dedham Savings Checking, Statement Savings or Money Market account using your Smartphone or tablet (with rear facing camera). Mobile Deposit is currently available only on Dedham Savings Mobile Banking.

Existing Your Link Online Banking customers should download the Dedham Savings Mobile Banking App on their mobile device. Then select the blue plus sign and tap "Deposit".  From there, follow the prompts to start making deposits!

Please note that, for security purposes, there is a 30-day waiting period for new accounts before the service can become active

Yes, you will need a Smartphone or tablet with rear facing auto focus camera to use the Mobile Deposit service which is available through the Mobile Banking downloadable app. The app can be found on Apple iPhones, iPads, and Android phones and tablets that have a rear facing camera. If you don't already have the app installed on your mobile device, go to the Apple App Store or Android Google Play Store to download.

Any existing Your Link Online Banking and Mobile Banking customer who has a Checking, Statement Savings, or Money Market account in good standing is eligible. The account must be open at least 90 days for you to be eligible to deposit checks remotely using their mobile device. If you are not currently a Your Link Online Banking customer, click here to enroll today.

In most cases, eligible accounts will automatically be available in Mobile Banking. If you have an account that is not displaying, please call Your Bank Center at 781-329-6700 ext. 7390 for assistance.

US Savings Bonds, money orders, foreign checks, re-deposited checks, third party checks payable to any person or entity other than a signer on the account will not be accepted by Mobile Deposit. Please visit one of our branches to make a deposit that is not available through Mobile Deposit.

Yes, the app will prompt you to take a picture of both the front and back. Please make sure to endorse the back of the check and write FOR MOBILE DEPOSIT ONLY DEDHAM SAVINGS under your signature.

You will receive a notification by email when your deposit has been received. Please save your check until you receive the second notification indicating your deposit was approved. When your deposit is processed, you will receive a second email notification on the status of your deposit. This email will indicate if the deposit was approved or declined for processing. If declined, a reason will be provided. If approved, please write "Processed" and the current date on the back of the check.

For the best image results, lay your check on a flat, dark surface with adequate lighting. Hold the camera steady and make sure all four corners of the check are captured. Also make sure you have endorsed the back of the check by signing your name and writing FOR MOBILE DEPOSIT ONLY DEDHAM SAVINGS. 

Please retain the check for 30 business days after you have submitted the check for deposit and received an approval email. After 30 business days, you should securely destroy the check. Do not attempt to deposit the check again.

The deposit will appear in the Deposit History screen on the Mobile App right away. 

Checks successfully deposited through Dedhamobile Deposit prior to 4 p.m. ET on any business day will appear in your account history the following day (ex. A check deposited at 3 p.m. ET on Monday will be processed on Monday and appear in Account History on Tuesday). 

Checks successfully deposited after 4 p.m. ET on any business day or anytime on a non-business day will be processed the next business day. The deposit will appear in Account History the following business day. (Ex. A check deposited at 6 p.m. ET on Wednesday will be processed on Thursday and appear in your Account History on Friday. A check deposited after 4 p.m. ET on Friday or anytime on Saturday or Sunday will be processed on Monday and appears in your Account History on Tuesday).

You can deposit up to $5,000 on any single day. You can deposit up to $10,000 over any 5 consecutive business days.

No, you do not need to resubmit your deposit. If you entered the wrong amount for the deposit, we will correct the deposit amount. You will receive an email notifying you of the change. 

If a deposit is returned, please do not re-deposit the check with the Mobile Deposit service. We will send you written notice through the U.S. Postal Service if a deposit is returned. Please visit one of our branches to make a deposit that is not available through Mobile Deposit.

Contact Your Bank Center at 781-­329­-6700, ext. 7390.

Text Banking gives you access to your accounts via text messaging on your phone. It's a fast and easy way to look up account balances or recent account history by sending a text command.

All text messages should be sent to short code 79680.

After you enroll your mobile device for Text Banking, a message from short code 79680 is sent to the enrolled mobile device. The text message instructs you to reply with the activation code given at the time of mobile phone enrollment. Once you reply with the correct activation code, you are able to send text commands to 79680 to perform banking activity. A list of text commands is available when you send “C” to 79680.


Below are the Text Banking commands:



Text commands are not case sensitive.

Text Banking is secure because no personal detailed information, including full account numbers, is sent.

Typically you should receive a text message within a few minutes after enrolling; however, sometimes wireless phone carriers experience delays which slow down text message delivery. While waiting, make sure your phone has a wireless signal. In addition, be sure you entered the correct phone number on the enrollment site. If you still do not receive it, try to enroll again. If the problem continues, contact your wireless phone carrier to be sure text messaging is enabled on your phone.

Activation codes expire after a specific period of time (usually 24 hours). If you need a new one, login to Your Link and request a new activation code through the Mobile Banking Center.

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